DC Storm

My kids and I traveled to Washington DC last week and got caught in the middle of a huge winter storm. They say it doesn’t snow there that much but that didn’t appear to be the case when we were there.

The snow was so heavy there were trees down everywhere, power lines down, and our hotel was without power for three days. We made the best of it and the boys learned a good lesson about how to make the best out of a bad situation.

As luck would have it, we took our brand new Jeep down there and the second day we were there a tree came crashing down on top of the hood. Our insurance will obviously cover the damage, but I was pretty upset that it happened. The tree was old and should have been pruned back. The tree guys told me it was probably overdue for care.

The hotel promised us they would have someone out within an hour or two to clean everything up but that never happened. Later that night I got sick of waiting and called my own tree removal company. They came out and chopped up the tree and got it off my Jeep. They were nice guys and they work hard especially considering it was a Thursday night. I just want to send out a huge thank you to G&V Tree and Landscaping Services for everything they did.

The hotel paid the bill and I guess that was one nice thing they did. The boys and I went out and found a movie theater that had power so we saw a few movies.

I will say this, Washington DC is an amazing city. Snow or not…we had a great time!